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Applied Computer Controls

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Applied Computer Controls
Topside panels are included with SmartTouch Control Packs.
No additional charge.
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SmarTouch Digital comes to you with a universal set of default settings.
If you choose to keep these settings, then you only need to remember 2 things : how to set the spa temperature and to press the SET key whenever you are done using the spa.

Setting Temperature

♦ Press and hold the TEMP key for 2 seconds. Release all keys The display will flash the current selected temperature.
♦ Using the TEMP and TIME keys (UP and DOWN arrows) scroll to the desired temperature.
♦ Press the SET key to lock in the new selection The SET Key After using the spa, press the SET key to tell the microcontroller you are done using the spa.

It will then take over the spa’s management including the different filtration cycles, heat maintenance, economy modes and protection against freezing. Upon entering this mode the FILTER light is turned on and a post use filtration cycle is executed - that is when the spa needs filtration the most. The default system setting includes a 3 hour economy mode, the pump will come on at most once every 3 hours to sample water temperature and heat if necessary.

The controller remembers when you have used the spa and in anticipation of your next usage will perform a 3 hour Auto Filtration cycle before your next spa use.

SmarTouch Digital Series 1000 and 2000 is a family of intelligent, spa control systems. These systems are rich with features and can be extensively programmed to fit just about any need.
The rest of this manual will explain the function of each of the keys on the control panel, how to change programmed settings and what each setting does.
It will also explain all the error messages that you may encounter, and their significance and way to correct them.