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Power Storm Jets

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Power Storm Jets

Waterway Power Storm Jet

These jets are generic replacements for Catalina, La Spas, Hot Springs, Cal Spas, Sundance,  Coleman, Master Spas and many more.

If you see Circle with an arrow in it on the diffuser ( the white back part of the jet ) It is a Custom Molded Product jet.

Waterway's Power Storm and Typhoon 500 Jets are the same size and are interchangeable. 
Power Storm Jet Internal 


Comes with a 3/8" Orifice for a recommended flow rate of 13-18 gallons per minute.

This jet internal is part of the Power Storm Jet series. All the Power Storm Jet internals is interchangeable, so you can "mix and match" them.

In many instances, all you would need to purchase is a diffuser if your jet nozzles keep falling out of their jet bodies, no need to replace the entire jet! 
If you have a Spa which uses Proprietary Waterway Jet faces such as Dynasty, Master Spas & others these diffusers are the same and will save you a lot of money! 
Cal Spas use proprietary Waterway and Pentair jet faces now you can just replace the diffusers!


On July 19, 2011, Waterway made a product change to all Roto and Twin Roto Storm jet eyeballs to fix the eyeballs in the desired “spin” orientation. The older eyeballs were made adjustable, where the spa users would have to position the eyeballs in the correct position to make them spin. The aesthetics of the jets remain near the same.

PLEASE NOTE; If the diffuser requires a PIN assy. TO SPIN the water discharge protion of the jet. Then you must order the complete jet. Replacing just the diffuser will not work.