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Smart Touch 3000

Smart Touch 3000
Sale Price: $550.00
Compared at: $650.00
You Save: $100.00
Product ID : st3000
Weight: 15.00 lbs


Heater Type
Control Box
Main Input Power
Heater Tube
Plug-IN Style


SPDACCD3 - Smartouch Digital 3000 Spa Controler with topside 
Plastic Controler comes with 22" Heater /  Metal comes with 17" Heater tube.

SMTD-3000 120V/240V 1 or 2 Speed 120V/240V 1 or 2 Speed 120V/240V 1 Speed 120V/240V 1 Speed 120V/240V 12VAC 4+4
(8KW 16″L) 5.5 + 5.5
(11KW 22″L)
240V 41A / 48A

  • One pump circuit, two speeds, 110/220V, 12A Max
  • Second Pump Circuit, One or Two Speed 220V
  • Blower or 3rd Pump circuit, 1-speed, 110/220V, 12A Max
  • Circ Pump circuit, 110/220V, 4A Max (24Hr when activated, Requires 25 GPM)
  • Ozone circuit, 110/220V, 1A Max
  • 12V 12W Light circuit 
  • 8.0KW, 240V Flo-Thru heater
  • Stainless steel heater housing
  • 48-inch amp motor, blower, and ozone cords
  • Topside Panel Included
  • UL and ETL Listed
  • Freeze protection
  • High-limit protection
  • Filtration mode
  • Economy Mode
  • Pair of 2 inch Heater Tailpieces with O-Ring Gaskets
  • 1-Year Limited Factory Warranty

These controllers are built to last. They will replace brand name spa equipment in small or large hot tubs with all the reliability you would expect. The controllers are flexible enough to replace different heater placement and heater lengths controlling multiple pumps.  They would be an excellent replacement for virtually any spa control and at the best price in the industry 

TOPSIDE INCLUDED-  XL-3020 (3.5” x 9”) 

 You MUST answer the ALL OPTION questions for us to send you the unit configured the way you want it.
It will NOT control Fiberoptics, Stereos, TV, ETC.
If converting from 230V to 120V.    PUMPs must be 120V or 230v/120v to work.
Because these are Generic replacement spa packs and will replace 90% with little change 10% will require more.
When you're going to different equipment from different manufacturer, there may be some adaptation.
Some changes in the connections and things you have to do to fit this equipment.

Verify Pack size requirements for install. 
It is your responsibility to Check this information.

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