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WE recommend that you or your installing tech be knowledgable and qualified to install circuit board.  Some adjustments may be needed due to manufactures board changes, etc, to work with  your spas configueration.  Otherwise consider complete pre- configuered controler replacement.

Not being  able to install a replacement Circuit Board that was ordered does not make it a returnable item. 

To identify your Gecko Circuit Board, you need the following information of the board Eprom Chip Number and off the pak, model number and options.

For Gecko circuit boards, both the information from the circuit board and the pak is needed. S-Spa Paks do not have replacement circuit boards.You need to replace the complete equipment pak.
To get the correct board, please Email us at qualityspaparts@Gmail.com  with the following information found on your system:
1. Model: located on equipment box usually on a sticker (example: MSPA-1-P122-P222-B1-O1)
2. Options: also located on equipment box usually under the Model Number (example: CP1-NE-LS-FB-H5.5-T2-AMP-PPD)
3. Eprom Chip Number: located on the circuit board on a eprom chip (example: 9936-100287A)
4. Part Number on Board: There may be a sticker with the part number: (example: 9920-200547)
The above items are necessary for us to identify the proper Circuit Board from the Distributor.
Due to the nature of the product: ALL Gecko Circuit Boards are returnable for warranty only.